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Life is life. Once one ends, another one begins. Its not science, its just logic. For every beginning there is an end, and for this guy the end was coming for a long time. Now all that is left is his ending and for him this is what he wanted to do. It may not be what she imagined he would do after her death, but what matters is that he was true to her until the end and now he is being true to himself by doing whatever the hell it is that he wants to flippin’ do.

I’d party with this old man.

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Sparkle palace cocktail table by John Foster

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Shy Guy

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Noni (United States) “Feet”


Sophie Gamand (France/USA) - Wet dog

Sophie Gamand is a French photographer living and working in New York. Since 2010, Gamand’s photography explores the complex dynamics of the relationship between dogs and humans. With both a documentary and fine-art approaches, she questions the place that dogs occupy in the human society. Her series Wet Dog showcases portraits of dogs photographed during their least favorite activity: bath time. Exposing the dogs at a vulnerable moment, Gamand is able to capture their wide range of expressions. She believes dogs are more than animals and have acquired a status of persona. They mirror humans and the bond we have developed with them says a lot about our own solitude and social challenges. Gamand also donates photography time and expertise to animal charities and shelters. 

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El Escudo Hylian tras las sagas

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